Services Provided at Business 1st



Business 1st

Guidance for start ups

Commissioner for Revenue



-Income Tax


Registration for VAT Number

Changing/adding branches for VAT purposes

Change of address for VAT purposes

Change Economic Activity

Change of Register type

Assistance on queries relating to filing and paying electronically VAT and ECO on accommodation returns

Requests to issue a Duplicate cash register logbook

Changing Employment status from Part time to Full time or vice versa

Assistance regarding compilation of applications for Transfer of Fiscal Cash register

Reprinting of VAT returns/Declarations/Statements

Assistance to Request of VAT refunds though SEPA Direct Credit

Reactivation for a VAT number/s

Assistance to compile applications for VAT deregistration

Requests for VAT Compliance Certificates

Customer Care Services on other VAT related issues


Income Tax

General information on the Final Settlement System (employers)

Registration, De-Activation, Re-Activation of PE No. (employers)

Processing requests for amendments to business details such as change of address for employers

Queries on filling FSS forms for employers (FS3/FS4/FS5/FS7)

Queries regarding calculation of Social Security contributions and FSS tax for employers

Queries on outstanding balances of FSS tax and SSC – printing of finalised documents for checking (for employers)

Requests for Income Tax Compliance Certificates

Requests for income tax purposes of companies and other bodies of persons

Queries regarding income tax balances for companies and other bodies of persons

Queries regarding provisional tax for individuals, companies and other bodies of persons


Malta Enterprise

Customer Care Services information on Incentives Administered by Malta Enterprise

Identity Malta

Service temporarily suspended due to Covid-19 restrictions

Third Country National Work Permit

Malta Tourism Authority

Due to Covid-19 restrictions this service is provided on Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri.

Closed on 24th and 31st Dec.​

License to Operate a Catering Establishment

Notification of change of licensee for a tourism operation

Application for Bar Substitute form

Registration of an operator in a tourism establishment 

Applications for Holiday furnished premises licence

Application for House on long term lease licence

Application for Playing of amplified music in tourism establishments

Application for Host family licence

Application for Travel operator or excursion operator licence

Customer care services – information and guidance

Environmental Health Directorate

Service temporarily suspended due to Covid-19 restrictions​

Customer care services – information and guidance

DIER - Department For Industrial and Employment Relations 
Every other Tuesday starting 22nd June 2021
​Information on the rights and obligations pertinent to employers, as well as the Conditions of Employment.​
                                                                                                                                          ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​last updated June 2021