L'Artigiano in Fiera

Publication Date: Jul 03, 2020
L’Artigiano in Fiera 2020
The Commerce Department, together with the Malta Crafts Foundation, is considering whether to participate once again in this year’s edition of the crafts fair, “L’Artigiano in Fiera” which is scheduled to be held in Milan, Italy between Saturday 5th December & Sunday 13th December. Obviously, both the organisation of the fair itsle, as well as Malta’s participation in the fair will depend on the developments resulting from Covid-19 in the coming weeks and months. At this point in time, it is the intention of the Italian organisers to go ahead with the fair.  
L’Artigiano in Fiera is considered to be the biggest crafts fair in Europe. If we do participate, the Malta Pavilion will be set up in a hall which will consist of a number of other exhibitors from all over Europe. Hundreds of thousands of visitors will be expected to visit the fair. Apart from the big opportunity to make good sales, this fair also offers a good opportunity to establish important business contacts and also to do business to business (B2B) deals. There will also be a good opportunity of networking between companies, where participants will be able to share their experiences and their expertise. This could lead the crafts person to establish contacts re export, importation of raw materials, presentation and knowledge of new crafts. All this apart from the main objective of the event – to effect as much sales as possible and make a considerable amount of profit.
It is intended that The Commerce Department and the Malta Crafts Foundation will be financially assisting artisans with respect to costs relating to participation, air tickets, air freight and accommodation. The extent of the assistance is under consideration and will depend also on the number of crafts persons who will actually show interest to participate.
Those crafts persons who are interested to participate in L’Artigiano in Fiera 2020 are requested to reply to this email by not later than Friday, 17 July 2020. Please note that a reply to this email should not be considered to be an automatic confirmation of participation. Those crafts persons who will register their interest by replying to this email will be informed at a later stage on whether Malta will be officially represented or not, since this would depend also on the level of interest in participation.   
For more information, one can send an email to maltacrafts@gov.mt or call on tel. nos. 25690350 – 25690329 - 25690332.
N.B. To address the international uncertainty brought about by Covid-19, the organisers of the fair are thinking about the introduction of an online fair which would be complimentary to the actual fair itself. This would be called “Artigiano in Fiera Live” and it would come at an additional cost to the subscribers. We will be giving you more details about this initative in the coming weeks.