Ċentru Joseph Grech
2nd Floor, Cobalt House
Notabile Road
Mrieħel, B'Kara, BKR3000

Business 1st Office hours

September - June
08:00hrs to 16:00hrs on Mon, Tue, Thur.
08:00hrs to 19:00hrs on Wed.
08:00hrs to 13:00hrs on Fri.​​

08:00hrs to 13:00hrs on Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri
08:00hrs to 19:00hrs on Wed
08:00hrs to 13:00hrs Mon - Fri
   144 (08:00hrs - 16:00hrs)​​

Information sessions for entrepreneurs

Events are held at Business 1st Office
Notice:  No info Sessions are held at present​
Upcoming info sessions:
Business Enhance ERDF Grant Schemes​
 For info kindly contact Business Enhance here.​



 Entities present at Business 1st:

Malta Enterprise - BDM (Daily)
Commissioner for Revenue - VAT, IRD (Daily for Business Activities)
MTA (Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri) 
DIER - Department For Industrial and Employment Relations - every other Tuesday

The following entities are not meeting customers at Business 1st for the time being:
Identity Malta (TCN app./queries) (Fridays till 13:00)
Environmental Health Directorate (Daily)
Customs (Thursdays till 13:00)
Business Enhance ERDF Grant Schemes (Wednesdays 14:00- 19:00 by appointment)​​


Other entities by appointment
For further information regarding services provided through Business 1st click here​.