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BusinessFirst.com.mt is Malta’s Government website for the Point of Single Contact for businesses. The formation and tools on this website are designed specifically for business start-ups, as well as established businesses, and the people who advise and support them.

BusinessFirst.com.mt provides free access to information required for the day to day running of your business. It acts as a gateway to government business information and services.

Here you can find practical information and useful links to help business people plan, start, manage, grow or close down their business, and deal with day-to-day challenges; including information on Government rules and regulations, together with compliance requirements affecting businesses in Malta.

The website is managed and maintained by Malta Enterprise (ME).

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Malta Enterprise is committed to providing reliable, quality business information on a range of business topics. We're also interested in collaborating with the wider business community to supply practical and valuable information as well as ease of access. If you have valuable content that can be added to this site, or suggestions on how we can improve it, please send an email to info@businessfirst.com.mt

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To fulfill its commitments, and facilitate business administrative processes, Business First has entered into a number of service agreements with various public entities to give businesses the possibility to apply for various administrative services in one location, including:


  • Request for company name search and company name reservation.
  • Request for registration of companies.
  • Request for registration of self-employed.


  • Request for National Insurance (NI) number.
  • Request for employment licences with respect to third country nationals; long term residents; asylum seekers (including the relative Health Department consultation prior to issuance of licences and Police Department consultation for the issuance of security clearance to third-country nationals).
  • Request for registration of commencement of employment.
  • Request for registration of termination of employment.


  • Request for company registration for tax purposes.
  • Request for expatriates registration for tax purposes.
  • Request for employers’ (companies and self-employed) registration for tax purposes.


  • Request for registration for VAT purposes.
  • Request for VAT fiscal receipt books.
  • Request for VAT authorisation to use a computerised sales system.


  • Request for trading licences issued by the Commerce Division.
  • Request for licences for catering establishments including relative Food Safety Unit approval of food business premises.
  • Request for a Travel Operator or Excursion Operator licence.
  • Request for a recreational Dive Centre licence.
  • Request for the proposal of water-sports operator licence.
  • Request for the issuance of water-sports operator licence.
  • Request for renewal of water-sports operator licence.
  • Request for abeyance of water-sports operator licence.
  • Request for revocation of abeyance for water-sports operator licence.
  • Request for voluntary deletion of water-sports operator licence.
  • Request for licences/permits for private schools and tuition centres.


  • Request for Tourism Accommodation Development licence.
  • Request for a Holiday Furnished Premises licence.
  • Request for licence for use of holiday furnished premises for domestic tourists.
  • Request for a Host Family licence.
  • Request for licence to give house on lease, emphyteusis or other title to a tourist.
  • Request to place tables and chairs on a public space.
  • Request for playing amplified music in tourism establishments.


Request for the Notification of Processing Operations and Authorisation of Transfers to Third Countries.


Business First will also be the location from where information on all incentives, support and services currently provided by Malta Enterprise will be available.