​Malta Enterprise is the national economic development agency responsible for enterprise support and development both locally and internationally. In order to facilitate the growth and development of businesses located in Malta, we provide a range of support and funding to facilitate enterprise throughout all stages of growth. Whether you are an entrepreneur with an innovative start-up idea or an established business ready to expand your activities, enter into a collaborative project or venture into exports, we can help you. Below are the areas of support that Malta Enterprise focuses. Click on the various sections to access the full range of assistance programmes that you may benefit from.


In today’s competitive environment a business cannot survive without keeping abreast of the latest trends and ahead of its competitors. A variety of incentives and advisory services to support enterprises in their continuous development are available to cover initiatives in employment, sustainability, innovation, e-business and capital investment. Click here for further details on available incentives.


For the ambitious business owners, Malta Enterprise has designed programmes of assistance to help local businesses expand into markets beyond our shores.  These include training for those still new to this venture, financial assistance to invest in projects that will help position your business correctly for the target market as well as organised delegations and trade fair participation for the veteran enterprise that is ready to do business abroad. Click here​ for further details on available incentives.


Collaboration between businesses as well as industry and research institutions is a sure way of stimulating economic growth and improving the competitiveness of specific industry sectors. Support measures are available to encourage the generation and growth of inter-regional and cross-border business networks and clusters. Click here for further details on available incentives.


Undeniably the use of research and development to improve business operations is critical for the Maltese economy to retain and improve its position in attracting specific niches of activities that have the potential to create high value added activities and employment.

Malta Enterprise provides a comprehensive incentive package with the aim of increasing the amount of R&D activities in Malta. The incentives target activities from the preparation to undertake such projects to post-implementation thus closing the cycle between the generation of a new idea and its realization as a new product on the market. Click here for further details on available incentives.


​Companies that propose projects with significant economic return may have access to various financial instruments that will ease the financial burden of heavy investments. Additionally, enterprises engaged in advanced manufacturing activities may benefit from tailor-made premises at competitive prices. Click here​ for further details on available incentives.