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The registration of a Limited Liability Company is done with the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). The online procedure is shown in the link .



The registration for a VAT number and employer number can done via the eform. To note that first one is to register the Limited Liability Company with MFSA.


Accomodation, Tourism and Food Services Activities



To operate a catering and/or bar operation where 'Catering' indicates restaurant or Snack Bar



The teaching of English is a very important part of the tourism sector in Malta. Government had put in place a scheme in order to regulate the provision of accommodation for these students in the homes of Maltese residents. This scheme ensures that the service provided by these ‘host families’ is up to the required standard



To Operate Hotels, Apart Hotels, Tourist Villages, Guest Houses and Hostels



To market and promote timeshare in public areas



To offer services as an incoming, outgoing travel agency, to operate as an excursion organiser or as a Destination Management Company



To act as a tourist guide and provide guiding services in locations as specified in LN 132 of 2002

Commercial Activities 

Street Hawker (Form H)

Market Hawker (Form I)

Marketing Agent (Form L) 





Application for a licence to supply water by water tanker(s)



Application for Authorisation A Single Phase Electrical Installations



Application for Authorisation B Three Phase Electrical Installations


Energy and Fuels



Application bottle LPG into portable cylinders



Application to retail Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in bulk by means of a distribution vehicle



Application to Import and, or Wholesale Petroleum imported to Malta from any other country



Application to operate a Fixed Piped Network (i.e. to store and, or distribute and retail LPG by means of a storage facility linked with a piped network



Application to retail fuel to ships through dispensers for bunkering purposes by means of a marine fuel retail station operated in the proximate vicinity of the shoreline



Application to operate a Petroleum-filling Station via a facility approved by the MRA to store and retail petroleum



Application to operate a Primary Storage Facility designated to this end by the Authority to store petroleum products, whether onshore or offshore



Application to retail portable cylinders filled with LPG using a distribution vehicle.  This authorisation covers also the retail of portable cylinders filled with LPG from a Fixed Point of sale



This application is used by a person to request to be licensed to conduct public sales by auction but does not include an auctioneer of animals, including fish, whether alive or dead, food or agricultural produce





Register for Providing child day care facilities for children in the age group 0-3



Operating a driving school to prepare prospective drivers to sit for a driving test held by the Malta Transport Authority



To operate a Diving Centre or Diving School, to hire scuba equipment



The attention of applicants is drawn to the following: a. Legal Notice 132 of 2000 (National Curriculum Regulations 2000) b. Legal Notice 196 of 1994 (National Minimum Conditions for all schools 1991) c. Legal Notice 56 of 99 (National Minimum Curriculum Post-Secondary Level 1991)



Prepare prospective vehicle drivers to sit for their driving test by teaching the necessary theory and regulations as well as practical sessions



Opening and operating an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) School





To operate a “Vehicle Rental and Leasing Services” for the hiring and leasing of motor vehicles



The provision of a postal service outside the scope of the Universal Postal Service Area


Professional and Scientific Activities



Warrant to practise as advocate or legal procurator



Warrant to practise as advocate or legal procurator



The warrant is recognised for providing the services of an engineer in Malta



Licence (Warrant) to provide the services of an Architect / Civil Engineer (Perit) in Malta​



Permanent warrants and registration are issued to permanent veterinarians. A visiting veterinarian who intends to provide a service once or at intervals needs to notify the Council and will be given a temporary warrant

Other Professional Licences 





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