​The Malta Communications Authority

The Malta Communications Authority (MCA) provides tools through its Telecosts website to assist you in selecting the most suitable tariff plan for your electronic communications needs. This website allows you to compare prices of the various services from the different providers, based on the way you use or intend to use these services. By using this website you can compare tariff plans for the following services:-

  • Mobile telephony
  • Fixed telephony
  • Broadband internet
  • Bundled services for telephony, internet and TV

You may also see the various communications costs below:

Fixed Line Telephony

There are 3 main providers of fixed line telephony. Here are the basic packages offered by each company:

  • Go Group
  • Melita Plc
  • Ozone Malta


Connection and Rental Charges

​Business ​Residential
​Connection Charge ​€109.95 ​€54.97
​​Monthly Rental Charge ​1. Business Talk 500 @ €18.52
2. Standard Business Line @ €15.58
​1. Standard Residential Line @ €5.99
2. Talk Anytime @ € 9.99
​Free Pulses * ​1. 500 free minutes to all GO fixed lines
2. No free minutes
​1. 20 monthly
2. Unlimited calls to all GO fixed lines​

Local Fixed Line Telephone Charges

Monday – Friday (including Public Holidays)

​Time of call Business​ Residential​
​Off-Peak (06:00 hrs – 08:00 hrs) ​Every 10mins or part thereof €0.137 ​Every 10mins or parts thereof €0.126
​Peak (08:00 hrs – 18:00 hrs) ​Every 5mins or part thereof €0.137 Every 5mins or parts thereof €0.126
​Night (18:00 hrs – 06:00 hrs) ​​Every 30mins or parts thereof €0.137 ​Every 30mins or parts thereof €0.126
Saturday & Sunday
Time of call Business Residential
Off-Peak (06:00 hrs – 18:00 hrs) Every 10mins or part thereof €0.137 Every 10mins or parts thereof €0.126
Night (18:00 hrs – 06:00 hrs) Every 30mins or part thereof €0.137 Every ​​30mins or parts thereof €0.126

All the prices quoted above are inclusive of VAT.

Go Group offers a wide portfolio of other services related to telecommunications. One of the services offered is the ‘TEN21’ VoIP service when calling internationally. Rates start as low as €0.03 per minute when making international calls.

For further information on this service and all other services offered by Go Group refer to​


Medium Telephony Pack

​Description ​Cost
​Monthly charge ​€5.99
​​Installation charge ​€19.99
​Free minutes to any local fixed line ​100 minutes
​Calls to Melita Mobile ​€0.23/minute
​Call to other local mobiles ​€0.23/minute
​Calls to other local fixed lines ​€0.01c2/minute
​International calls ​Call rates starting from €0.03/minute
Melita Plc offers a number of other packages related to telephony. For further information refer to​


For information on the packages offered by Ozone refer​

Mobile Telephony

There are currently 4 operators offering mobile telephony. The companies offer different packages that may suit a particular individual or organisation better. For more information with respect to the packages offered, as well as the prices charged please visit their respective websites at:

Internet Connectivity and Costs

During the last 15 years the telecommunications sector in Malta has been characterised by a privatisation and de-regulation drive. Since 2003, the Maltese telecoms market was liberalised and its regulation falls under the power of the Malta Communications Authority (MCA). The market in 2012 is characterised by 3 large players (GO, Melita and Vodafone) which are all capable of offering quadruple or triple play. With these 3 main players, one also finds a number of small players.

Retail Service Provider Download / Upload Speed​ ​Download Limit (GB) Monthly Cost (€)
​Melita Cable ​30Mbps/1.5Mbps ​Unlimited ​16.50 for the first 3 months,
23.50 from thereafter
​Melita Cable ​60Mbps/2Mbps ​Unlimited ​50.00​
​Melita Cable ​​​100Mbps/4Mbps ​Unlimited ​80.00
​Melita Cable ​250Mbps/20Mbps ​Unlimited ​96.00
​Ozone ​1Mbps/1Mbps ​Unlimited ​25.00​
​Ozone ​2Mbps/2Mbps ​Unlimited ​60.00
​Ozone ​4Mbps/4Mbps ​Unlimited ​100.00
​Ozone ​7Mbps/7Mbps ​Unlimited ​200.00
​Ozone ​10Mbps/10Mbps ​Unlimited Price on Request
​Ozone ​20Mbps/20Mbps​ ​Unlimited Price on Request
​Vanilla Telecoms 
(Business Link tariff) 
​2Mbps/2Mbps ​​Unlimited 47.20
​Vanilla Telecoms
(Business Link tariff) 
​4Mbps/4Mbps ​​Unlimited ​70.80​
​Vanilla Telecoms 
(Business Link tariff) 
​7Mbps/7Mbps ​​Unlimited ​147.50
​Vanilla Telecoms
(Business Link tariff) 
​10Mbps/10Mbps ​Unlimited ​300.00
​Vanilla Telecoms
(Business Link tariff) 
​20Mbps/20Mbps ​Unlimited ​500.00
​Vodafone ​42Mbps/ 5Mbps ​5 ​10.00
​Vodafone ​42Mbps/ 5Mbps  ​12 ​15.00
​Vodafone ​4G / up to 35Mbps ​15 ​25.00​
​Go Mobile ​4 Mbps/0.5Mbps ​25 ​13.86
​Go Mobile ​12 Mbps/1 Mbps ​150 ​34.94
​Go Mobile ​20 Mbps/1 Mbps ​Unlimited ​50.00
​Go Mobile ​35 Mbps/2 Mbps ​Unlimited ​60.00
​Go Mobile ​75 Mbps/5 Mbps ​Unlimited ​80.00
​Go Mobile​ ​200 Mbps/5 Mbps ​Unlimited ​100.00
Source: websites of telecom providers as at May 2015

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