​The table below is a sample Milestone Schedule. The information given within is by no means exhaustive and is only meant to serve as an example.

Milestone Schedule (Example)

Assistance R​equired ​Date of Implementation​ Cost (€)
ISO Certification​ ​January - May 10,000​
​Health & Safety Standards February 3,000​
​IT Systems ​March - April 8,000​
​Payroll System ​May ​3,000
​New Machinery ​January 11,000​
Human Resources
​Consultancy ​January - May  5,000​​
​March - May
​Employ New Staff September​ 1,000​
​Management Training February​ 800​
Overseas Training​ April​ 1,500​
February​ 2,000​
​November 1,500​
Export Marketing
​Market Survey March - July​ 4,000​
​Enhance Product for Export July - October​ 4,500​
​Promote Product (Abroad) November​ 6,000​
​Participate in Fairs (Abroad) May​ 2,500​