​The Planning Authority

The Planning Authority (PA) is the national agency responsible for land use planning and environmental regulation in Malta. Established under the mandate of the Environment Protection Act (2001) and the Development Planning Act (1992) of the Laws of Malta, PA is also responsible for the implementation of around 200 Directives, Decisions and Regulations under the EU Environmental Acquis.

In addition, PA acts as the national focal point under a number of international environmental conventions and multilateral agreements, including the Aarhus Convention on access to information, public participation in decision-making and access to justice in environmental matters.

When do you need a PA permit?

Planning permits from PA relate to the type of operation that any business is engaged in. These can vary from “change of use” for existing premises to completely fresh permits for new sites. These permits take into account various factors ranging from parking facilities to environmental issues. In the process of setting up your new business activity you will require a PA permit if you are:

  • changing the function of the building the business will operate from
  • carrying out any structural changes to the premises including the façade
  • changing the use of the premises (e.g. from a residence to an office or from a garage to a warehouse)
  • building new premises such as new offices, a warehouse or a factory

Planning permits may also be required if the business:

 creates commercial waste

  • creates chemical waste
  • creates dangerous by-products
  • has an impact on the environment through various other types of pollution such as:
    1. plant fumes (e.g. engine exhaust)
    2. dangerous fumes (e.g. toxic gas, sawdust, flour dust, engine exhaust)
    3. sound (e.g. noise, machinery)
    4. light (e.g. welding, area lighting)


Where can I find advice or apply for such permits?

Development permits require an architect to submit your application. This can be done online through PA’s e-Application platform. It is stro ngly recommended that you contact your architect for further guidance prior to contacting PA. For a list of architects registered with the Kamra tal-Periti kindly click here.

For details on the development permit fees, sewer rates, street rates and environment fees applicable for the different development options refer to the Development Planning Act (CAP. 356) Development Planning (Fees) Regulations, 2010. This information can be obtained from PA’s official website.

Related Legislation

Legislation in relation to Planning and Development may be accessed via the Authority’s website.

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