​A Catering Establishment Licence is required to set-up such an activity. The licence is obtained by the Malta Tourism Authority.  

Catering Establishment Licence (Part A and C)

The application process commences with the Application for a Catering Establishment Licence which needs to be submitted to the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) or alternatively through Business First.

You can either:

  • Fill in the form electronically here OR
  • Fill in Parts A and C of the application form which can be downloaded from here.

At this stage, to submit the application form you will be required to also supply the supporting document as specified in the check list.

Tourism Compliance Certificate

At this stage, the MTA processes Part 1 of your application and issues your Tourism Compliance Certificate. The issuance of the certificate indicates that the request is in line with the official Government Tourism Policy.

Planning Authority Permit

The applicant’s architect should now provide the Planning Authority (PA) with the Tourism Compliance Certificate to be evaluated in terms of a Full Development Permit.

Architect’s can apply for a Full Development Permit on behalf of the applicant through PA online application or at their premises.

Catering Establishment Licence (Part B)

The final part of the application is to comply with Part B of the Application for a Catering Establishment Licence and submit the required documentation to the Licensing Administration section at the Malta Tourism Authority.

The additional documents which need to be submitted with the application are listed in the application form. 

Following submission of all the above documentation, applicant will be contacted to make arrangements with the Enforcement Office of the MTA for an on-site inspection of premises prior to starting operations.

 Getting other Certificates and Permits

Food Safety Certificate

The Applicant needs to submit the following documents to the Department of Environmental Health (or Business First) for the approval of a Food Safety Certificate:

  • Tourism Compliance Certificate
  • Declaration stating clearly applicant’s proposal
  • Sketch plan of food business premises including proposed work flow and sectioning of premises
  • Copy of applicant’s identity card & contact telephone numbers

The Department of Environmental Health will carry out on site visits. The first and final inspections are free of charge, while a fee of €23.29 is applicable for any extra visits carried out in between. Business First can facilitate the process of communication for clients starting up a food related business.

The Approval of Food Business Premises can now be issued and the applicant is contacted to pick up the document from the Food Safety Unit within the Department of Environmental Health. The client will be asked to fill in the application for the Registration of Food Premises as required by the law.

Public Sewer Discharge Permit

The applicant also needs to submit the Tourism Compliance Certificate together with the full development permit and MEPA endorsed plans and other documents to the Water Services Corporation for the issue of the Public Sewer Discharge Permit. The documents required are:

  • Tourism Compliance Certificate
  • Description of all activities and processes that will take place on said site
  • If a bowser system is used, invoices, notification documentation/ movement/log books are to be presented
  • List of chemicals/products bought locally or imported, with relevant chemical information and quality used at the said premises
  • Details of the quality and quantity of the liquid effluent produced by the business activity.
  • Description of any treatment facilities which will be installed on the said premises and how they are cleaned. The necessary movement documents should be produced
  • Layout of internal sewage network
  • Laboratory results of the liquid trade effluent discharge into the sewage system (for this analysis, a WSC officer should be present)
  • Description of laundry activities/facilities on site
  • Original Police Trading permit/application with conditions as laid down by Commissioner of Police in case a Police Trading permit had been issued in the past


Guidelines on how to Submit the Online Application

How to Submit a Catering Establishment Licence Application Online

Relevant Legislation

Chapter 409 Malta Travel And Tourism Services Act
Subsidiary Legislation 409.15
PA Legislation And Policy

Online ApplicatioN

Catering Establishment Licence Parts A & C​