Catering Establishment Licence

Catering Establishment Application (Restaurant, Snack Bar, Bar, Kiosk, Disco, Nightclub)
"Catering establishment" means any building, premises or other establishment, including kiosks, howsoever described, purveying for reward food and, or, beverages including wines and spirits, for consumption.
A catering establishment license is required to set- up such activity. The license is issued by the Malta Tourism Authority.
An application can be filed online by following the link.
Applicable Laws
Documents needed with application
-          Identity Card
-          An official Employment history from a Government Body (such as Jobsplus) and/or academic qualifications
-          Site Plan
-          Planning Permit & endorsed layout plans
-          Photos of facade etc.
-          Proof of Ownership of property / if applicable Contract of Lease*1 or Lands Department.
-          Copy of full Memo of Articles of association and Company registration (if applicable)
-          Company Resolution (if applicable)
-          Architect’s Estimate of Rental Value of premises or Lease agreement
-          Police Conduct (Covering the last 5 years)
-          Doctor’s Certificate for Operator and Chef
-          Proposed menu (exempt for Bar)
-          Grease Trap (exempt for Bars)
-          Health Dept. Clearance- Food Safety Unit
-          Swill Agreement
-          Third Party Liability Insurance for €250,000
For further information kindly contact Malta Tourism Authority
Last updated Nov 2019