ELT (English Language Teaching) School Licence

Information and Application

To operate an English as a Foreign Language School (ELT) in Malta, a licence to operate by the ELT Council must be obtained. A licence to operate an ELT School in Malta valid for 4 years. For further information, click here.  To apply for ELT School Licence please click here.


Relevant Legislation

Education Act

The English Language Teaching Council Regulations


Contact Information
ELT Council
Ministry for Education and Employment
Room 318,
Great Siege Road,
Floriana VLT 2000

Telephone:     +356 2598 1240/1/2/3/4

Email:              info.eltcouncil@gov.mt

Website:          https://eltcouncil.gov.mt/


                                                                                                                  last updated Nov 2020​