Health Certification

​The Applicant needs to submit the following documents to the Department of Environmental Health (or Business First) for the approval of a food business premises :


  • Tourism Compliance Certificate (For Catering Establishments)
  • Declaration stating clearly applicant’s proposal
  • Sketch plan of food business premises including proposed work flow and sectioning of premises
  • Copy of applicant’s identity card & contact telephone numbers


The Department of Environmental Health will carry out on site visits. The first and final inspections are free of charge, while a fee of €25.60 is applicable for any extra visits carried out in between. Business First can facilitate the process of communication for clients starting up a food related business.

The Approval of Food Business Premises can now be issued and the applicant is contacted to pick up the document from the Health Certification and Consultation Unit (HCCU) within the Department of Environmental Health. The client will be asked to fill in the application for the Registration of Food Premises as required by the law.