Host Families

Host Family

"Host family" means the person in whose name the licence for the accommodation of tourists has been issued and who resides in any building, howsoever described, not being a hotel, guest house, hostel or holiday premises, which is normally used for the permanent or temporary habitation of the licensee and is used or intended to be used for the concurrent habitation of guests;
An application can be filed online by following the link.
Applicable Laws
Documents needed with application
- Identity Card – copy of both sides
- Layout Plan or Sketch plan of the whole premises with a detailed description of
  all rooms, and further indicating bedrooms and bathrooms (with
  measurements) which are to be used by Tourists; (not required if submitted
  previous year/s and no amendments have been affected on the premises).
- Recent Police Conduct (required for year of duration of Licence).
- A written declaration that the applicant has a good command of the
  English language is a must (not required if submitted in the previous
-          Signature /no Objection of Husband, Wife or Legal Partner of applicant.
-          Signature /no Objection of Parents, if Son/Daughter over the age of 18
               is applying.
-          If Premises is leased – written permission from Landlords
For further information kindly contact Malta Tourism Authority
Last updated Nov 2019