Licence and Permits Main Page


Specific business activities may be required to have a licence or permit issued by competent authorities to operate in Malta.  The following list provides information on specific licences and permits available on this website:
·         Malta Tourism Authority:
·         Malta Communications Authority:
o   Postal Services
o   Electronic Communications Services
o   Radio Communication Equipment
§  Individual Licensing
§  Light Licensing
o   Radio Spectrum Licensing
·         Professional and scientific Activities:

Teacher's Warrant
Licence/Warrant – Architect/Civil Engineer (Perit)
·         Development Permits
·         Health Certification
·         Trade Licences
Licence Cancellation
·         Tables and Chairs Permit
·         Health Care Standards Licences
o   Applications
o   Manuals
o   Guidelines
o   Standards
o   Templates
·         Employment Agency Licences
·         Social Care Licences
Local Council Permit Guidelines