​As per Article 43 of CAP 437 “veterinary activities shall compromise both State and private veterinary activities”. 

  • No person shall practice as a veterinary surgeon unless s/he holds a warrant to practice from the President of Malta; her/his name is registered in the Veterinary Surgeons’ Register

Applying for a Veterinary Surgeons’ Warrant:

Fill in and submit the ad hoc application form and submit together with the required documents. These are listed here under

(a) A certified true copy of the qualifications 
(b) Birth certificate 
(c) Recent police conduct certificate 
(d) Marriage certificate (if applicable)
(e) A certified true copy of the state exam (if applicable)
(f) A certified true copy of long-term residence permit (if not an EU Citizen)
(g) A certified true copy of ETC work permit (if applicable) 
(h) Copies of existing warrant and proof from the relevant authorities that there is no disciplinary action against applicant and that the applicant is still registered in that country ( if applicable)
(i) Statement where the Veterinary Surgeon will be working (if applicable)
(j) Detailed CV

  1. The Registrar will carry out the verification of documents with the Internal Market Information System of a Member State or with the Competent Authorities in case of third countries.
  2. The applicant is informed if the documents submitted are correct or not. In the latter case, the applicant will need to re-submit his application.
  3. Once the full application with the correct documents are submitted, the applicant shall receive an acknowledgment by the Council within one month.
  4. The applicant’s documents are vetted during the next Veterinary Surgeons' Council sitting for approval. The Council may require that an interview is held with the applicant.
  5. The Council will decide to grant a warrant or not within three months of date of receipt of full and correct application.

Temporary Warrant:

A Veterinary Surgeon who will be visiting Malta on a temporary basis to perform veterinary services, s/he need to apply for a temporary warrant.


Inform Council in advance of intention with a written declaration containing

          • ​​​proof of nationality 
  • attestation that person is legally established n another Member State
  • evidence of professional qualifications
  • evidence of his practice during the preceding 10 years
  • details of his current insurance cover OR any other means of collective protections with regard to professional liability
  • description of service to be provided and the location from where such service are intended to be provided

  1. Council shall immediately send acknowledgment if all relevant documentation and proof has been provided
  2. Council – one month from the acknowledgment of a complete declaration and all documents inform the applicant of the outcome.
  3. In case of difficulty resulting delay, the Council shall inform applicant within the first month for the reason of the delay and the timescale within which the Council’s decision shall be finalised.
  4. The Registration is valid for 1 year
  5. The Registered person shall inform the Council each time s/he intends to provide temporary or occasional services 15 days in advance and provide the Council with the description of the services intended to be provided and the location from where such services are intended to be provided.

Online Application

Permanent Registration / Warrant for a Veterinary Surgeon​