When you are starting a new business you will need to inform Jobsplus of the change in your employment status. Before employing people, one needs a PE (Permision to Employ) number from CFR.  This can be obtained by following this link​. You also need to notify Jobsplus of any new employees engaged. Similarly, self-employed persons are also required by law to complete an engagement form. This is done by filling in the relevant Declaration of Commencement of Employment form. Job​splus will acknowledge all engagement and termination forms received within 15 working days.

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For self-employed: This declaration should be filled in by any person who is starting self-employment for the first time or by anyone wanting to resume self-employment.

Engagement Form for Self Employed​

For employees: On employing new staff a self-employed person/employer must fill in the Declaration of Commencement of Employment for every new person employed. In every case of new employment, the engagement form duly filled in is to be received by the Jobsplus on the same day of commencement of employment.

Engagement Form for Employees

Note: To make use of the online services offered by Jobsplus to submit employment forms, one has to be logged in on the Jobsplus portal first. The following video clip will guide you through the process.

What documents are required?

If you are being employed for the first time, then you will need:


  • Identification Card/Passport
  • EU (cross borders) and non-EU Nationals require a Social Security number from the Social Security Department.  One may use this online form to apply for a Social Security number. For Maltese nationals, the Social Security number is the ID card number.
  • Non-EU nationals require an Employment Licence issued directly by Jobsplus.  More information may be found in this link.
  • Persons born aboard but who possess a dual citizenship, need a certificate issued by the Department of Citizenship and Expatriates.

 Non-Maltese Citizens (Cross borders and TCNs)

Certain non-Maltese citizen require an Employment Licence before being employed. A full list of applications for employment of non-Maltese nationals may be viewed here.

 Employment of persons under 16 years

Persons who have not attained the age 16 or who turn 16 during the scholastic year (15th September to 16th July) are by law considered Minors of Compulsory School Age. These should provide the employer with a school leaving certificate obtainable directly from the Department of Educational Services. Applicants must present the following documents to obtain this certificate:


·         A formal birth certificate from the Public Registry

·         A declaration from the applicant’s employer to be

·         A certificate from the school last attended; and

·         A letter from the parents stating that they agree that their son/daughter is to start work.


For further details related to the employment of minors visit the Information for Employers section on the Jobsplus website and the Young Persons and Minors in Employment on the DIER website. All conditions apply also to cases related to summer jobs. 


 Employment Engagement or Termination Form for Employees​

 Note: To make use of the online services offered by Jobsplus to submit employment forms, one has to be logged in on the Jobsplus portal first.


Young Persons (Employment) Regulations

Employment and Training Services Act



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Jobsplus Resources (forms) Note: In order to access the online applications, one is required to login on the Jobsplus portal first.

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Social Security Department

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