Recreational Diving Application

Recreational Diving Application
License to carry out the any or all of the following scuba diving services offered by a recreational diving service provider:
(a) training and education in recreational diving;
(b) organised and guided diving for certified divers;
(c) rental of diving equipment;
An application can be filed online by following the link. 
Chapter 409- Travel and Tourism Services Act
Documents needed with application
-          Identity Card –
-          An official Employment history from a Government Body (such as Jobsplus) and/or academic qualifications
-          Copy of full Memo of Articles of association and company resolution if applicable.
-          Police Conduct
-          PA Permit including endorsed/approved plans
-          Proof of Ownership of property / if applicable Contract of Lease
-          Copy of Contract of Work (Expatriates)
-          Health Certificate by Diving Surgeon
-          Architect’s Declaration
-          Third Party Liability Insurance €250,000
For further information kindly contact Malta Tourism Authority
Last updated Nov 2019