​Obtaining a Social Security Number (Registration Certificate)

Persons in possession of a permanent Maltese I.D. card will be automatically registered under the social security act once they have reached 16 years of age. 

For applicants under the age of 16, these may download the required Social Security documents as follows:

Requirements for Maltese Nationals under the age of 16​

Hence, applicants may submit the form online.

This number is only issued once and is valid throughout the lifetime of the applicant.

For EU and non-EU nationals, these may opt to apply online. Alternatively they may visit Business 1st offices.

The Department of Social Security is committed to provide you with a Social Security Number within 3 working days of your request. This is however dependant on the correctness and completeness of your submission. 


There are no fees due to obtain a Social Security Number.


Additional resources

User Manual​ for the Submission of a request for Entitlement to remain insured in Malta (Form A1 - MSP007)

User Manual​ for the Registration of a Social Security Number Application (MSP002)

​Requirements for Maltese Nationals under the age of 16

Requirements for non Maltese ID Card holders (EU citizens and Third Country Nationals)​​