Businesses that are still in their setting up phase require particular assistance to help them make that first step towards success. Start-ups need a mix of resources and support in order to flourish, primarily external guidance, access to finance and a location from where to operate. There are various incentives available that will help a business take off and establish roots for successful operations. For Support Measures, kindly refer to the schemes currently offered by Malta Enterprise by clicking here.
Some applications related to financial aid may be accessed online through the Support Measures page​, others are accessed from the same page but applicant has to create a profile on the so-called Client Portal​. Subsequently applicant will create a Business Entity and finally an application.​

Business Incubation
Business incubation is an economic development tool designed to accelerate the growth and success of entrepreneurial start-up efforts through the mobilisation of an array of business resources and services. To fulfil its mission in the support of SME formation and growth, Malta Enterprise is managing the Kordin Business Incubation Centre (KBIC), which is a mixed technology oriented style incubator. KBIC provides a cost-effective business environment, a professional image with managerial expertise geared to the needs of small business.
The facility has a gross area of 4,800 sq m, a tenancy area of 3,200 sq m and an additional capacity of about 1,500 sq m. It consists of 57 units, ranging from 25 sq m to 100 sq m, thus providing a flexible space arrangement. Each unit is equipped with a basic infrastructure of electricity supply, water, telephone service and furniture.
The formal incubation period is set between a minimum of one year to a maximum of three years.
The target industrial groups that KBIC is focusing on are:
  • Engineering Design and Development of Equipment Systems
  • Renewable Energy Resources
  • Biotech Projects
  • Other Innovative Projects
Further information can be obtained from the Manager at KBIC by sending an e-mail on or by phoning on (+356) 25420000. 
Business Advisory Services
A business can always benefit from expert advice. An objective point of view can make all the difference. The business advisory services offered by Malta Enterprise can support your particular needs for development. Contact us to see how our advisors can help you. Further details are found in this link.
Investment Aid Tax Credits
Tax credits to support investment and job creation, focusing on attracting new investment projects and promoting expansion or diversification of existing enterprises. Further details are found in this link.
Application for Industrial Space 
In collaboration with Malta Industrial Parks, Malta Enterprise allocates high quality premises to eligible manufacturing investors. Contact Business First for guidance on the application for industrial space. Applicant has to create a profile on the so-called Client Portal​. Subsequently applicant will create a Business Entity and finally an application.
Micro Invest
Tax credits to support micro enterprises (employing less than 50) and the self-employed invest in their business, innovate, expand, implement compliance directives and/or develop their operations. Further details are found in this link.
Business First
Tel:                  144 or +356 25422020
or visit Business First Office at:
ntru Joseph Grech
2nd Floor, Cobalt House
bile Road
eħel, B'Kara, BKR3000
Malta Enterprise
rdin Business Incubation Centre (KBIC)
KBIC Contact Details:
rdin Business Incubation Centre
Qasam Industrijali, Kordin ,
Paola Malta PLA 3000
Tel:         +356 25420 000
Updated August 2020