Tourism Accomodation Development

Tourism Accommodation Development Application (Hotel, Tourist Village, Guest House, Hostel)
"tourism accommodation establishments" means hotels, tourist villages, guesthouses, hostels, and any other tourism accommodation establishment as the Authority may from time to time determine.
An application can be filed online by following the link.
Documents needed with application:
To be provided to the Product Development Department (MTA)
-          Copy of Identity Card (Both Sides)
-          VAT Number
-          Site Plan
-          Photos of Site Plan
-          Layout Plan of premises certified by an Architect
-          Proof of Ownership of property/ If applicable Contract of Lease or Lands Department
-          Police Conduct (If person applying has not resided in Malta for the last 5 years, the Police conduct from the country of origin is requested)
-          Tourism Compliance Statement
-          Project Developer or Operator Profile
-          Marketing and Operations
To be provided to the Licensing Department (MTA) following the issuance of the Tourism Policy Compliance Certificate:
-          Compliance Certificate
-          PA Permit including endorsed/ approved plans
-          Copy of full Memo and Articles of Association (if applicable)
-          Company Resolution (if applicable)
-          VAT Number of Individual/ Company (responsible to submit ECO Contribution)
-          Grease Trap (Water Services Corporation)
-          Health Dept. (F.S.U) Clearance
-          Architect’s Declaration if property’s pre 1967 (if applicable) stating:
o   Property was built per – MEPA and that no MEPA documents could be traced or no applications or other permits exist with P.A/ MEPA
o   Property is built as per sanitary Regulations
o   Confirming that all building and sanitary regulations are observed with no infringements noted
o   Property is fit for habitation and sound structure
-          Architect’s Declaration that the building is in accordance with the PA permit
-          A 3rd Party liability insurance for €250,000
For further information kindly contact Malta Tourism Authority
Last updated Nov 2019