Trade Licences General Information

​Government's commitment to facilitate business activities in Malta has concretely been actioned through the removal of trade licences for a number of business activities. This has been enabled through the Legal Notice (L.N.) 40 of 2016 which has come into effect on 1st January 2017. The L.N. defines the activities that do not require a trading license as well as those that still do require a trading licence as approved by the Commerce Department.

Therefore, general traders no longer require trading licences. The activities that do not require a trading license are listed in the L.N. 40 of 2016 First Schedule Part I (reference page B 5957). Such specific activities shall still remain subject to the relevant obligations under the Act and regulations made there under as well as any obligations, authorisations, approvals and clearances from the Commissioner of Police or other entities as may be approved and applicable by other relevant legislation in force at the time.
The activities that do require a trading license are listed in the L.N.40 of 2016 First Schedule Part II  (reference page B 5963).
Further information may be obtained from the Trade Services Directorate.
What needs to be done?
The application forms of the activities requiring a trading license are found in this link.
What documents do I need to bring with me?
The documents which are required to be submitted are listed as part of the application form.
Online Application
The online applications for : Street Hawker (Form H) , Market Hawker (Form I), Marketing Agent (Form L) are found in section Trading Licences E-Forms found in this link.